Causes and features of true hyponatraemia (serum osmolality is < 280 mOsmol/kg) with abnormal water excretion (urine osmolality > 100 mOsmol/kg)

 MRCP  renal

SIADHhypovolaemiarenal salt wasting
clinical cluesmass on CXR, known drug causesigns of oedema / dehydration, heart failure, chronic liver disease, nephrotic syndrome
urine sodium> 20 mmol/L (often > 40 mmol/L)< 40 mmol/L> 40 mmol/L
normal saline challenge< 5 mmol/L change in urine sodium> 5 mmol/L change in urine sodium
uric acidlownormal or slightly increasedlow
fractional excretion of urateraised (normalises with sodium correction)raised (does not normalise with sodium correction)
renin / aldosteronenormal or lowraised *renin (normal or raised), aldosterone raised
extracellular volumehigh normal or raisedreduced *reduced
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Hypothyroidism and adrenal insufficiency need to be excluded. Also, if water excretion is normal (urine osmolality < 100 mOsmol/kg) then primary polydipsia may be the cause.

Normal saline challenge is 2 L/day of IV normal saline in those cases with indeterminate urinary sodium (20-40 mmol/L).

* Renin / aldosterone levels and extracellular volume (ECV) are not usually measured in hypovolaemia as the cause should be obvious. However, they may help differentiate SIADH from renal salt wasting.


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