Cranial nerves (V, VII, VIII)

Summary of functions of V, VII and VIII, clinical testing, and pathology

 cranial nerves  anatomy  Neurology

V (trigeminal)VII (facial)VIII (vestibulocochlear)
functionsensation to face, cornea, mouth, nose. Muscles of masticationfacial muscles, taste anterior 2/3 tongue, sensation external auditory meatushearing and balance
defectloss of sensation on face and corneal reflex. Weakened muscles of mastication.facial muscle weakness, loss of tastehearing loss, vertigo
clinical testFacial sensation. Clench jaw.facial movements, usually just ask about taste but can be testedtests of hearing and if hearing loss then Rinne's / Weber's test, nystagmus
important causesWallenberg (lateral medullary) syndrome, trauma, herpes zoster, tumours, vascular malformationsBell's palsy, cholesteatoma / middle ear infection, trauma, tumour, parotid surgeryacoustic neuroma, trauma, disorders of the ear
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