Valvular heart disease
Clinical examination findings

Inflammatory bowel disease
Differentiating Crohn's and ulcerative colitis

Granulomatous mycobacterial infections of the skin
Clinical features of cutaneous granulomatous mycobacterial infections

Renal tubular acidosis types
Features of different types of renal tubular acidosis

Motor defects
Clinical features of different types of motor defect

Eponymous cardiac murmurs
The clinical features and mechanisms of murmurs named after famous clinicians of the past.

Types of jaundice and their clinical features

Causes and features of true hyponatraemia (serum osmolality is < 280 mOsmol/kg) with abnormal water excretion (urine osmolality > 100 mOsmol/kg)

Hyperparathyroidism classification
Different causes and features of hyperparathyroidism - raised parathormone (PTH).

Usual (and unusual) types

Cutaneous infestations
Presentation and management

Familial hyperlipidaemias
Features and Fredrickson classification in order of prevalence

Oligomenorrhoea and amenorrhoea
Important causes

Type of endocarditis presenting with fever and new cardiac murmur